Deck Pressure Washing Service

Decks provide a great place to spend time outdoors relaxing or with friends and family. But if it hasn’t been properly maintained, it will become aged by the elements of nature and begin to splinter and rot.
For new decks, a properly applied coat of a quality wood sealer or stain that’s maintained on a scheduled basis will dramatically extend its life. A deck that has been around for a few years without treatment is different story though. Additional steps must be taken to get the wood in good condition before any type of deck sealing or wood staining products are applied.
Deck before and after cleaning - Pressure washing in Lexington, KY
This is done by pressure washing a deck with just the right amount of water pressure; enough to thoroughly clean the wood but not so much that damage occurs. Cleaning decks with too much pressure will completely ruin it, leaving total replacement as your only alternative. This is why hiring a professional deck restoration company to do the job for you is a better idea than taking the risk of damaging your deck beyond repair.
At Wildcat Pressure Washing, we have the experience and know-how to do it for you, without you having to take any chances on messing up more than you can fix. We use the best deck cleaners, stains and sealing products in conjunction with the right equipment to restore your deck to a better-than-new appearance.
Here are some of the main deck restoration services we provide to Central Kentucky home and business owners:
  • Safe Deck Cleaning
  • Specialty Service for Ipe, Cedar and Cypress
  • Complete Wood Restoration Services
  • Deck Staining and Sealing
  • Scheduled Deck Maintenance Program